Pakit Rak GL1800 for 2001 to 2010



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For 2001 to 2010 GL1800 with NO existing trailer hitch.
Included: Receiver Brackit, Rak & Lock Blade, Attachment Tube, PR 1000 Bag & Bag Cover.

Key Benefits

  • No need for an expensive trailer hitch, But if you already have a trailer hitch we can accommodate you with our special adapters.
  • Added storage for extended trips without towing a trailer.
  • Easy on Easy off Design One Lynch Pin is all it takes!
  • Receiver Brackit Completely Hidden when not in use.
  • Does Not Block The View of Tail, Brake or Turn Signals.
  • All Parts Powder Coated High Gloss Black.

Included in Package:

Pakit Rak & Lock Blade
Designed to be light weight yet strong and sturdy.  Fabricated from 18 ga. sheet metal and stiffened with tube steel. Attachment tube is made from 1" x 1" structural tube steel.

Receiver Brackit
Specially designed for our Pakit Rak System. Easily installs with a few basic tools.  Not designed to tow a trailer.

Pakit Rak Bag PR 1000
This bag is designed and constructed for our Pakit Rak system. Over 3,000 cu. in. inside the main compartment alone. Plus you get two expandable side compartments and a front zippered compartment.
Dimensions: 21" (W) x 12" (H) x 11" (D)


how is the bag secured to the rack as pictures do not show any cords or straps?

The bag is secured to the rak with a "lock blade" that slides through the rak and through a sleeve that is stitched and rivited to the bottom of the bag. The lock blade is then locked into place with a small pad lock.

I have a 2009 Honda 1800 MotorTrike trike without a trailer hitch
Will this product work and how will it attach to the trike?
A: You would need to purchase a trailer hitch from MotorTrike that will accomodate a 1 1/4" square receiver tube. We currently do not provide receivers for Trikes, but we do provide adapters for most of the Trike hitches to allow the Pakit Rak to slide into.

Cant' give the Pakit Rak anything less than EXCELLENT! As a retired Boiler Technician (Navy - 21 years), I like things that are built strong! This puppy is built to withstand almost anything! Doesnt' feel weak, look weak, nor is there any cheap materials in it anywhere. And the way it bolts on makes it even better, with heavy duty hardward and large enough bolts, and a very strong tubing as well as the tray being made with braces, nothing is cheap here. The bag is large enough to hold the stuff you have in both saddle bags and about half of what you have in the trunk, WITH EASE! Nice, strong bag is included, as well as the rain cover which I will keep on it at all times. This item is well worth the price, and that's the second thing I considered. GREAT JOB! Now I feel ready to hit the road from San Diego to Reno and back with a few side trips that will be approximately 1700 miles round trip. I trust the Pakit Rak!

I have had this product two times one for my 1500 and again for my 1800 and both time they have performed very well you don't know that it is even in the rear. The staff at the dixon company is very knowledgeable about their product. I would refer them to anybody.

We have a Kuryakyn GL 1800 hitch for a 1800 Goldwing. It connects under the back fender and to the main frame of the bike. Is this considered a horizontal or a vertical hitch?

A: Kuryakans most popular hitch is a vertical hitch but to be sure; if the hitch slides UP into the receiver it's a vertical.

ordered one today,but i forgot to ask if any body see's any problems with the exhaust getting the bag hot? I have a 2008 gl1800 with stock exhaust.

A: The stock exhaust exits out the bottom port only and will not get the bag hot. It is also recommended to use the bag cover as it will also protect the bag.

Just got back from my weeks vacation, 2,726 miles. Only rained 1/2 day at the start and 1/2 day at the end. In my wife's words "AMAZING". We loaded it up with 25lbs and attached to vertical trailer hitch on my '06 GL1800. Always had the cover on and the bag stayed completely dry. We don't know how we would have traveled without it. Quality product and it is so easy to attach the bag to the plate. I could not be happier! Only issue as someone else has stated, had to look back to see if it was still there. No hint of any handling changes.

Can I purchase the rack without the bag? I have the bag already?

A: Yes you can purchase just the Rak without the bag. Just give us a call and fix you up with what you need.

I have owned one of the Pakit Rak's for several years now. The quality of the luggage and the fit and finish of the metal parts are extremely high! A great alternative of hauling a trailer when you need a bit more storage than the standard bags on the Wing... I'm very happy with it and highly recommend it.

What a great product. Solid as a rock with a very well constructed bag. It's perfect for us since we like to travel but don't have a trailer. We chose to have a Rivco hitch installed so as not to be limited to the 25 lb rating with the Pakit Rak receiver. With the Rivco hitch we can load it up with 45 lbs of goodies. Buy it!! You'll love it!!